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Creating Training Programs

An individualized training program can be created using the sufficiently assessed training diagnostics results. The training program is then the basis for reaching the training goal. The training goals stand in direct connection with the results of a performance assessment and can look like the following:

Desired improvement in the area of:

  • Endurance (aerobic and/or anaerobic thresholds)
  • Power potential (maximum power, muscle building, power endurance)
  • General and/or sport-specific speed
  • Jumping ability tailored for sport-specific training
  • Coordination skills
  • Agility (Function assessment)


Accomplishing one or more of these goals requires planning, organization, implementation and finally the assessment of an individualized training program. Only then can there be clear gains in efficiency – by being subjected to verifiable adjustments which can repeatedly steer the training process in the right direction. Even finding that certain training goals could not be reached can be evaluated using the gathered data and necessary adjustments made. Training programs extend over a period of about one month and are comprised of the following parts: